Friday, July 12, 2013

Beachy Craft Ideas

Guess what time it is y'all.
It's summer vacay time.

By tomorrow afternoon I will have my toes in the Gulf of Mexico. 
Double woot!

I am so excited!!!!

Image via Pinterest (no original source found)

 Thought I would leave you with some super cute beachy craft ideas I found on
Pinterest (duh).
You don't have to go to the beach to make them,
but of course it would be a lot cooler if you did!

Most of the materials can be found on the cheap-cheap at your local dollar store.


Beach inspired mobiles:
So sweet and simple and so many ways to personalize them.
They look great hanging on the porch, too!

Simple with just seashells and twine

Add a little bling with colorful beads.

Add shape and texture to your mobile with driftwood. A fabulous idea by BHG

 Or use sea glass instead of sea shells by Mexico Beach Girl <3

Do you have some old chenille fabric around the house?
 I have a chenille bedspread the belonged to my great-grandmother. It is quite worn in places. I would love to use it to make some great pillows like this starfish and sea anemone.
From Parker Brown Textiles source

Spray paint shells and use as a vase filler.
Cheap, easy and fabulous!
By Young House Love <3

Make gorgeous centerpieces for the table.
I have one similar to this in my master bathroom.
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Are you lacking crafting skillz, yo?
Just put some shells in your favorite glass jar or shadowbox.
Instant beach flair!
Want to step it up a notch?
Get out your Sharpie and write some cute little sayings on some of the shells.
Notice the shell in the picture above with the word "Relax" written on it.
Nice touch!
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This idea is a repeat from a previous post, but worth posting again.
Just frame your favorite sea treasures.
Little effort - Big impact.

Okay, so I know I've shared this idea before as well,
but I am a southern girl and you know how we feel about our initials and monograms down here.
And, for heaven's sake, this is just fabulous!!!
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♥ ♥ ♥

Lovely charm necklace by Patina White <3

 Best beachy wishes my friends and as always much love to you!