Monday, February 25, 2013

Preppy Pink & Green

My love affair with pink and green began a long, long time ago back in fifth grade with my very first Izod: 
a preppy, pale pink collared shirt with that little green alligator logo.

Man, I really loved that shirt.
I wore it with white shorts and a blue and white striped woven canvas belt on our big field trip to the capitol building in Montgomery, Alabama. 
I rocked that Izod.

As an adult I discovered the fabulous southern sorority style of Lilly Pulitzer. 

I admire Lilly P., but I wouldn't call it love. 
Unlike my coveted pink Izod, these pretty, preppy, overpriced things have to be paid for by moi -
And moi is one thrifty sistah yo.

My relationship with Lilly P. is more of a crush;
But my love affair with pink and green goes on...

And on... 

And on...

All photos via Pinterest.

Much love,

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