Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pallet(Able) - Creative Upcycling Ideas

So you can make functional and really cool looking furniture from old pallet wood? Who knew?

I have four old pallets out behind the barn that I earmarked for this gorgeous potting bench I found on Pinterest a few months ago.

Fabulous, isn't it!
The initial on the back is just like icing on a cake. Delish!
Hopefully my hubby will build one for me before spring is over,
but my best bet is to start making it myself.
That way he will be sure take the project over from me so it gets done "right".

I found lots of other amazing ideas on Pinterest for upcycling old pallets. 
Here are some of my favorites:

I must have this table!


Really love! The glass top makes this coffee table look amazing!

Great for a teenagers hangout (or for my future workspace in the barn).

Imagine these loungers poolside with cushions. Pottery Barn for less!

Tiered seating for a media room. Cool.

Love these!

And these.

Vertical herb garden. Adore!

Pallet wood walls. I like this look. 

Pallet path. Looks great, but I bet in my neck of the woods it would be a haven for snakes. Boo.

All images via Pinterest (duh).
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