Monday, February 4, 2013

No Drawers, No Doors, No Problem - Creative Upcycling Ideas

Hello friends!
I'm back with more Creative Upcycling Ideas!

Have you ever come across THE MOST FABULOUS piece of furniture at a yard sale or thrift store, but didn't buy it because a drawer was damaged or a door was missing?

I have passed up gorgeous pieces for this very reason (regretfully), but never again now that I have seen these fabulous ideas on my most favorite website ev-errrr (Pinterest, duh).

No drawers - No doors - No Problem!!!!

What do you call a chest of drawers with no drawers? A bookshelf!

Love, love. love it!

Just stick a basket in it. Instant farmhouse style.

Awesome open shelving in the bathroom.

More great storage (and BASKETS!!!)

And even more baskets. Oh how I do love <3

No drawer? Great place for your entertainment components.
Old dresser is now a media center!

Another armoire with no doors - great for displaying your treasures and collectibles (and BASKETS!!!!)

A couple of ideas for the kiddies... 

I think this is absolute genius!
Nightstand with missing drawer repurposed as
a child's play sink and stove.
Is it weird that I want one? It's so cute!!!

Small dresser repurposed as a mini wardrobe
for dolls clothes or dress-up clothes complete with mirror.

And one last idea for the kitties...
(see what I did there?)

Kitty center

Have a great day, friends!

Much love,


  1. Oh yes - love the inspiration that you find at Pinterest!

    These shelve are terrific!


  2. Love your ideas! You bring old furniture back to beautiful, useful pieces!

  3. Can anyone tell me how you make the shelves? No furniture I have ever seen has built in shelving like that. The drawer is usually hung from that slider thing in the middle. I'm dying to try this out but I'm really clueless about the shelves.