Friday, February 8, 2013

Get Your Drawers On! - Creative Upcycling Ideas

I'm back with more upcycled treasure from Pinterest!

Today I am sharing ideas for old drawers.
You know - the dinged up, beaten up drawers you took out of your old dresser so you could make that AWESOME media console for your family room like the one in the last upcycling post.
Not the kind you step in.

There are some super cute and clever ideas here
and they all look pretty easy to make. Bonus!

Put your drawer on a shelf and stick some books in it - easy peasy!
You could even put some handles on the sides and make a cute tray out of it.

Stand your drawer upright on the floor and stick some books in it.
Could work as a end table in a pinch!

Okay, I think this ideas is really clever!
Use your drawers for extra storage! Put casters on them and put them under the bed, sofa, or any other "hiding" place you might have around the house.

Hang a drawer on the wall and use as a message board, shadow box, decorative shelf, picture frame, etc.

Hang multiple drawers!

I think this is so cute!!!
Add legs and you have a sweet, little drawer table <3

Stack your drawers and you have a bookshelf!

This is really cute, too!
Use an old drawer as a window box.
(I like this idea for the tack house in my back yard)

Use old drawers as flower pots.

Stack your drawer flower pots on an old ladder.

Upcycled drawer ottoman!

Drawer doggie bed <3.

Enjoy your day!

Much love,


  1. How creative are these ideas,
    It only takes a little vision>>.
    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog a few weeks ago, and wanted to contact you for you to send me your address so I can send you the little basket, you were selected as the winner!

  2. Hi Gigi,
    I am so excited I won the contest! What a sweet, little basket <3 I enjoyed my visit to your page. Everything was just lovely! Please send an email to me at so I will have your email address to forward my info to. Thanks again, Gigi!

  3. All of these ideas are terrific. Wow. Do either of you know how to make the shelves when your repurposing a dresser as a bookshelf? The photos look awesome but Im lost at the shelves

  4. All of these ideas are terrific! Do either of you know how to make the shelves when repurposing a dresser into a bookshelf?