Monday, January 14, 2013

This Old Door - Creative Upcycling Ideas

Upcycling is a trend that has been going strong for a couple of years now. Whether your style is shabby chic, country, romantic, urban farmhouse, eclectic, or traditional you can find such creative ways to incorporate upcycled furniture into your home. If you browse Pinterest as often as I do you know the upcycling options are overwhelming. You can make the most beautiful pieces out of old windows, shutters, doors, ladders, barrels - you can even refashion one piece of furniture into something totally different. I have seen chairs shelves, coffee table benches and headboard chalkboards. I love it all! 

I thought I would focus on upcycling ideas for old doors today. So many doors are beautifully constructed with moldings and such. It is not difficult to find a well made hardwood door on the cheap at your local thrift store. I have found gorgeous french doors, screen doors and solid hardwood doors at thrift stores and never paid more than 25 bucks for one. So far I've only used them for their intended purpose, but I have an old chippy door out in the barn right now that is just begging to be upcycled into a potting bench!

Enjoy the pics - all via Pinterst, of course! You can follow me here:

Fabulous chippy door headboard by Dreamy Whites

Screen door mirror by Jennifer @ Decorating Ideas Made Easy. She has fabulous ideas and great tips for home decorating!

Amazing arbor by Counting Your Blessings

Lovely arbor idea. 
I found this beauty on Pinterest, but I can find no original source. :(

Old door chalkboard by Donations 2 Decor

Lovely! From Cote de Texas

Old door partition - The dark stain is beautiful.
(Another Pinterest find with no original source)

And another arbor idea 

Shelf and table - great little workspace in the kitchen from The Roseberry Cottage.

Old french door now works double duty in the entryway as a coatrack and family photo collage. Great idea from Photogmommie!

Hanging table for al fresco dinning featured @ :)

Shelves from Etsy <3

More upcycling ideas on my next post.
Until then!

Much love,

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