Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh Shutter Up! - Creative Upcyling Ideas

More upcycling ideas for you gathered from Pinterest. Today I am sharing ideas for old shutters...technically I guess you could use new shutters, but where is the fun in that?...I mean the chippier and crustier the paint the better, right?  Anyhoo, I love the look and the possibilities are limitless! Be warned: there are lots of pics with the post. Pinterest was ripe for the pickin'!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook should recognize the first picture in this series. This was the inspiration piece for my "Creative Upcycling Ideas" series of posts.

A simple bookshelf (albeit one with some AWESOME bun feet!) was made into a spectacular armoire with the addition of a couple of old shutters. Brilliant! I don't know about you, but I have plenty of clutter I would love to store out of sight. This is a beautiuful storage solution.

Are you a little more talented with a hammer and nail than I am? Well, check out this armoire made from shutters.

 So, so, so cute! I think this would be perfect to store towels and toiletries in the bathroom.  

There are lots of smaller scale shutter projects to choose from:

Shutter Magazine Rack

Shutter Jewelry Organizer

Shutter Wash Cloth Holder

Shutter Kitchen Utensil Holder and
Cherry Tomato Storage Shelf
(everyone needs more cherry tomato storage, right?)

Shutter Coat / Towel Rack

Shutter Shelf

Shutter Coat / Towel Rack and Shelf Combo
(it's two, two, two projects in one!)

Shutter Dish Rack

And a few more challenging projects:
Shutter Bookcase
I love this! Made from an old nightstand and an old shutter. Fabulous!

Shutter Side Table
I love this little piece, too. The light from within just makes it too darn cute! I think this would be perfect on my back porch.

Shutter Sofa Table
Another favorite. I think I could make this myself. Maybe.

Shutter Corner Shelves

Shutter (and door) Table Shelfy Things
I would love to have a shutter potting table with a little pitched roof like this.
Sweet <3

Or you can just stand an old shutter against something - No tools or talent required!

Shutter Privacy Wall

Shutter Headboards

Shutter Just Standing There Being Fabulous

And some shutters you can just lay around..

Shutter Table Centerpiece

Now shutter up and go upcycle something ;)

Much love,

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