Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crafty Christmas Trees

Welcome December!

It's that time of year again my friends - time to trim the Christmas tree! I always have a traditional evergreen here at home and my great-grandmother's aluminum tree on display at my little shop.

Yes, of course I look this fabulous when I decorate my my dreams!

I just love aluminum trees (and I would love to have the aluminum and copper canisters at the bottom of the page, too!)

In the past I have had multiple Christmas trees up in the house...a living room tree, a bedroom tree and a kitchen pretty, but our house is on the small side


This year I am thinking outside the box and gathering ideas for less traditional Chrismtas trees. Here are a few favorite ideas I have collected on Pinterest:

Framed vintage rhinestone brooch!

Button tree.

I am in love with these crepe paper trees!

Pink tulle tree - how girly! I might need this for my pink shop!

Tomato cage Christmas tree (my sister is making one of these!)

Sheet music trees - I love the birch wood bases.

Peppermint trees - would be so cute on the kitchen table.

How cute would this be in the den or study?

Book page trees. Aren't they cute on the mantel?

I think I will make two of these pine cone trees for the front porch since I have like one zillion pine cones in my yard.

Stick tree on canvas - I love the sparkle and bird embellishments.

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Enjoy your day!


  1. I love them all! Of course, our doggies might get ahold of the peppermint tree. - Leslie

  2. Leslie, Let me know when you make your tomato cage tree...I want pictures :)

  3. I was wondering about instructions on making the tissue paper Christmas and others. Where can I get them?

  4. Xmas trees look wonderful