Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O Christmas Tree

I know...two posts in a row about Christmas trees. What can I say? I love 'em!

I love listening to Christmas music and decorating the tree...

My Mom has a children's Christms album that my sister and I just loved when we were little! We still act silly and sing along with it every year while we decorate the tree at Mom and Dad's.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas tree from Pinterest:

Whether your tree was the largest on the lot or small enough to sit on your tabletop I hope it brings you happiness, wonderful memories of Christmas past and a big ol' heap of the comfy cozies!

Merry Christmas Friends!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crafty Christmas Trees

Welcome December!

It's that time of year again my friends - time to trim the Christmas tree! I always have a traditional evergreen here at home and my great-grandmother's aluminum tree on display at my little shop.

Yes, of course I look this fabulous when I decorate my tree...in my dreams!

I just love aluminum trees (and I would love to have the aluminum and copper canisters at the bottom of the page, too!)

In the past I have had multiple Christmas trees up in the house...a living room tree, a bedroom tree and a kitchen tree...so pretty, but our house is on the small side


This year I am thinking outside the box and gathering ideas for less traditional Chrismtas trees. Here are a few favorite ideas I have collected on Pinterest:

Framed vintage rhinestone brooch tree...love!

Button tree.

I am in love with these crepe paper trees!

Pink tulle tree - how girly! I might need this for my pink shop!

Tomato cage Christmas tree (my sister is making one of these!)

Sheet music trees - I love the birch wood bases.

Peppermint trees - would be so cute on the kitchen table.

How cute would this be in the den or study?

Book page trees. Aren't they cute on the mantel?

I think I will make two of these pine cone trees for the front porch since I have like one zillion pine cones in my yard.

Stick tree on canvas - I love the sparkle and bird embellishments.

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Enjoy your day!