Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall in Full Swing

Last Friday morning I headed out to meet two very lovely and talented ladies, my sister-in-law, Mel, and my niece, Brooke, for a day of shopping, snacking, and did I say snacking (yessss!!!) at the annual fall arts and crafts festival at Homestead Hollow in Springville, Alabama.

The location is idyllic - green pasture land with several creeks and streams at the foot of beautiful Pine Mountain (my home!). The property is scattered with many buildings that are historic replicas from the pioneer days. Demonstrations of pioneer living such as quilting, smokehouse cooking, smithing, and soap making are ongoing throughout the festival. There is even a whiskey-making still onsite (pioneers gotta have their hooch...for medicinal purposes, of course).

They have some livestock in the barns and coops as well. This cute little guy kept following me around his pen...of course I was talking to him and telling him what a pretty duck he was...

He also probably wanted to escape from his crazy and crabby coop-mate, Mr. Goose, who was trying to eat me alive through the chicken wire.  Crappy pics I know, but the duck was so cute and the goose was so funny I had to include them :)

And there were arts and craft vendors from all over the southeast. There were homemade soaps and bath salts; jewelry; leather belts and wallets; handmade Alabama and Auburn items (can't escape that in this state); Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas wooden yard signs; hand-knitted scarves and hats; ironwork crafts; and so much more!

Everything was amazing, but this vendor really caught my eye. Her artwork is so original and "funky junky". Talk about a creative way to reduce, reuse and recycle! Her business cards are even made out of old cardboard boxes. I love it!

Artist Alisha Case. Find her online at http://www.artbythecase.com/

How clever, right? I really should've gone back and bought the frying basket turned turtle flower pot (I intended to go back, but I had already spent all my alloted funds - drats!!!). He is so darned cute! You can't tell in the pictures, but his "legs" are fashioned out of old forks with the tines flattened out for the feet. His head is actually a ladle. Love him!

Now, I would be remiss if I failed to fill you in on the best thing about Homestead Hollow...the FOOD! Oh my Lawd yes the food! Beans, greens, fried pies, caramel and candy apples, fresh kettle corn, fudge, roasted cashews, peanuts and pecans, BBQ, homemade fries, kabobs, funnel cakes and more!!!

Pintos and cornbread and a large sweet, iced tea - yes please! I also came home with a bag of kettle corn (they pop it in a huge, cast iron kettle and it smells soooo good!), a half pound of peanut butter fudge and a sleeve of cinnamon roasted cashews and pecans...all for the hubby of course :)

Fall is definately in full swing around here. After Homestead Hollow my hubby and I attended the fall festival for my nephew's elementary school. Joshua (my nephew) sang with the fourth grade choir at the festival's opening ceremony. They did such a great job! And my vintage window chalkboard and wreath were bid on in the silent auction - YAY!

I hope you are enjoying this fall season and relishing all the things that it brings!


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  1. That looks like it would be worth the drive! I found your blog because I searched for okra crafts. I have a washtub filled with the dried leftovers from my first "real" go at a garden.