Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Fluff and Stuff

What a dreary day! I think we got around 5 inches of rain. Luckily, I spent the afternoon in my cheerful little room at the Trussville Antique Mall so the gray skies did not get me down. I took a few things over to the shop and rearranged a little bit while I was there. My husband may not like the clutter that my antiquing endeavours bring to our home, but he does love the fact that I don't rearrange things around the house anymore. I get my fill rearranging things at the shop.  I took a few pictures while I was there - with my new camera phone.  I finally ditched the pink Motorola Razr...well, actually, it ditched me. The Razr wouldn't keep a charge anymore and the screen was blank so I couldn't look up anyone's telephone number or see who was calling me. Man, I really loved that old (pink) phone. Now I have a (boring black) HTC Droid Incredible Two with all the bells and whistles which I got for free because I had the Razr for basically a century in cell phone years. I love all the bells and whistles on my new phone, but I am not loving the actually phone part of the phone. I suppose I will get used to it eventually. In the meantime I can check Facebook and send my bff Angie lots of spoken-word-no-typing-necessary text messages. Woot! Woot!

Anyhoo... here are the aforementioned pics I took today :)

Chalkboard in a vintage wooden frame (I almost kept this one; It would look GREAT in my kitchen)

Repeat pic of the silver tray chalkboard, but the vintage aluminum and glass cake server is new. I wanted to keep that, too. Man, I could do some shopping in my shop!

A few wicker pieces and more vintage lingerie including the sweetest yellow cotton pjs ever!

I hung the lighted rag garland I made last month. It hangs across three walls! I had NO IDEA the strand of lights was that long when I started that little project :)

Milk glass, vintage jewelry and vintage aprons

Vintage glass and china (and my sweet, little angel blow-mold)

Chippy plant stand, vintage white chair with white chenille seat, three-tiered plant stand made out of vintage china hand pieced and tiled by yours truly, and my sweet little angel again

Pink tulle tutu table. Hope to have some chairs ready next week.

Some great artwork

Vintage Samsonite suitcase, patchwork Teddy Bear and vintage yellow bed tray

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Pretty pinks! I love the little tutu table and tea set....just adorable :)
    Happy pinky pink Saturday!!

  2. Thanks so much Mari! Happy Pink Saturday to you, too!

  3. Tulle table over-the-top girly and I love it.

  4. Thank you, Gail! I am loving tulle right now. About to make some cute tutus for my dogs to wear on Halloween :)

  5. Happy Pink Saturday...I am running late this week-end..but am trying to stop by as many pink friends as I can..I always get inspired by each blog....
    God Bless You................

  6. Thank you, Kandy! Your comments mean so much! Hope to see you again on the next Pink Saturday!

  7. Wow where have you been hiding??? Loving your stuff!!! I am a pink addict and just love your pink porch!! Your tutu table? Well I am going to have my own here in a few minutes as soon as I can dig up some tulle!!! What a sweet idea!!
    I am sure going to follow you if your going to bring more pink into my life!!!! Hop on over and see ME some day!!!