Friday, September 30, 2011

Ikea Love

Last Saturday the hubs and I loaded up and drove over to Atlanta for the Ferguson family reunion and to spend some time with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Roger and Julie, who live in Marietta. We had a wonderful time at the reunion with lots of good conversation, plenty of delicious food and waaaay too many desserts. On the way to Marietta after the reunion, Julie, her daughter Jessica and I decided to stop off at Ikea (joy! joy! joy!).

I have been wanting to check out the store for quite some time now and let me tell you I was not disappointed. The store is HUGE (the third largest store in North America at a whopping 366,600 square feet) and full of cool stuff at great prices! I honestly could've spent the entire day in there...heck, I could just live in there! The second floor is full of these small idea rooms that are designed and decorated with all things Ikea - little bedrooms, kitchens, offices, living rooms, etc set up with beds, linens, lamps, storage, couches, tables, sinks, countertops, cabinets, bowls, name it, they've got it! Each items has a tag with an inventory number that you write down and then pull from the "warehouse" on the first floor. I found lots of things I want! 
Ikea Foto small aluminum pendant lamp - $19.99 - WANT!!!!

Small Foto pendant lamps in one of the Ikea idea rooms

Large Foto pendant lamp - $29.99 - WANT!!!!
Domsjo Double Bowl Farmhouse Style Apron Sink - $312.98 - WANT!!!!!
 (if you have ever priced farmhouse sinks you know this is a STEAL!)

Domsjo sink in an idea kitchen

Domsjo sink

Pretty awesome, huh? Julie, Jessica and I walked through the entire upstairs (although we rushed through about half of it) and then quickly grabbed our stuff from the "warehouse". I got an awesome, big, black lantern to use on the front porch for Halloween and several dish towels that look like vintage french linens.

Borbby Lantern - $14.99

Tekla dish towels -  .79 cents each (I bought six of them!)

I also got a cool, mesh closet storage tower thingy for $4.99. I spent a total of about $26 (not bad when you note that a similar looking lantern at Pottery Barn sells for $39 - btw, I love me some Pottery Barn, but I am always looking to recreate their style for less moo-lah!).

Next time I go to Ikea I am wearing comfy shoes <3



  1. Thanks for sharing your love of Ikea on your blog. I'm currently looking at the white ceramic sink and wanting to see how it looks in a real kitchen so thank you for sharing those pictures as they have really inspired me. Likewise the cost of these sinks is crazy so the ikea one seams to be a real winner. Keep up the great blog.

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for such kind words <3 I am so ready to go back to Ikea and do some serious shopping. I hope to come home with a Domsjo sink for my kitchen this time. Take care and best of luck with your kitchen! - Dawn