Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Decorations on the Cheap

I can't believe it is almost October! This month has flown by hasn't it? It seems that always happens this time of year.  My favorite holidays begin in the fall and I never have time to soak everything in. I have a jump on things this year though...I was planning and crafting Halloween decorations in August!!! We are going to have a Halloween party this year out in the barn...a big vintage themed, carnival type party with lots of snacks, silly games and a kid-created haunted house. I am so excited!!!

Happy Halloween sign from Marshall's - $ 6.99

I have been looking for inexpensive decorations and handcrafting lots of things myself. I wanted some fringed black and orange garland and although I could have made it myself I knew it would take forever with all that cutting. Lucky me, I found a great website with cheap party decorations at (aptly named don't you think?). They had the exact garland I was looking for and a few other things I decided I couldn't live without (awesome honeycomb tissue paper decorations and a couple of pennant!). With the prices so low I couldn't resist. I have also been collecting things here and there while out junkin'. The Dollar Tree is also a great resource for Halloween stuff on the cheap. Here is a sampling of my stash thus far:

Spooky black fabric and witchy tablecloth from The Dollar Tree and orange/black garland from Party Cheap (don't you love it!!!!)

Orange and black crepe paper 2 for $1 at The Dollar Tree 

I found the plastic jack-o-lanterns at the thrift store for .49 each and the striped stockings for .85 cents a pair. I'm going to do something crafty with those...maybe use on table legs or stuff and make some witches legs? 

Mini-strobe light for the kids' haunted house. Works great and only cost $2 at Target (found it in the dollar bins at the front of the store)

Haunted house goodies from The Dollar Tree - styrofoam tombstones, glow in the dark snakes and rats, heart and brains! 

Pretty gross, huh?
Zombie bait

Are you having a Halloween party this year? Let me know if you have any tips or ideas for decorations, food, games, etc.

Boo to you!

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