Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miracle Mommy

Great news...Mom's pathology report came back clear!!!!! The tumor in her lung was removed completely and she is cancer free praise God! She is my miracle Mommy! Thanks to everyone for their prayers, love and support through all of this (and especially to my beautiful sister, Leslie, for working so hard to get Mom in the UAB system and in with some of the most talented physicians in their fields). Thank you seester!!!!!

The most awesome-est sistah evah!

 Mom has been recuperating at home for the past week and she is doing great. She is so diligent about her breathing exercises and physical therapy and she is getting stronger everyday. I bet she won't even need the oxygen machine by next week!  In the meantime we are enjoying spending time together. We are plotting and planning the next chapter of our junkin' adventure so stay tuned. Big things are in the works from The Pink Porch ladies!